The importance of always filtering and registering your names

Your brand’s title of ownership will only be granted from the administration and relevant organizations by obtaining the registration of your name and brand (colours, designs, symbols, texts, sounds, etc.). It is therefore a key step in the construction of value for your company. And without granted registration, there is no property or value, so do not forget to legally filter the availability of the brandnames you create in advance. Right and at the right time!

You do not want to face unpleasant surprises in that matter, or discover that you were not granted the registration too late, or have somebody objecting once you have invested your money and see how you cannot dispose of your name.

So always turn to the best specialized professionals: the official industrial property agents, who will help you in these issues.

In Nombra we can advise you, and we usually integrate our team of experts, qualified in Industrial Property, in all our Naming working processes, both global and national.We may also advise you on the viability and prediction on registration, so you may have a formed and informed opinion on the possibilities of registration.

Consult our experts:

• Legal retroscanning and strategies of prevention, blocking and defense.
• Analysis and legal filtering of brand and domain availability at different levels of demand.
• Expert advise on the use of names and naming, in contracts related to brands’ cession, transfer or sale.
• Due Diligence, assessment and legal evaluation of the state of your brand portfolio.

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