BancoMalo … how about trying a different name?

It is said to be the solution, the salvation of our financial system … if that is so, why do we call it Malo (in Spanish bad)? If it is going to be our lifeguard, our liberation, our float in rising tide, the light in our path … does it really deserve to be called «Malo»?? And what about the “COCOS” (in Spanish, the bogeymen or heads)? The COntingent COnvertible bonds, which are the instrument to obtain those millions … will they bring us a headache?

In the same way that we feel uncomfortable about sitting in a FIAT that «Marea» (in Sp. makes you sick), we do not quite like being identified as a «Pajero» (in Sp. wanker) or as «Jetta» (in Sp. cheeky), and we would not buy a car that «NoVa» (in Sp. does not work) … should we expect anyone to invest in a BancoMalo (BadBank) or in “cocos” (bogeymen)? Because … in order to be saved we need somebody to invest in them, right? Because it will be necessary that somebody ends up buying those toxic assets and transforms them into something more valuable … or should we just put rubbish together and wait for it to sink?

Let us not underestimate the power of names, and not only in the world of economics, business or enterprising, but also in the world of politics … Let us take a moment to reflect on the real role of those tools. Even this bank deserves better. Something encouraging that reflects its redeeming character of the country’s economy and financing.The name we give it can definitely help us create better predictions to weather the storm around us. For sure we can find another concept to open up, at least, new horizons of hope … shall we try a different name?
Requests of registration in the OEPM decrease -17% in 2012
A drop of 568 applications in 2012 (up to 43,548 applications) reflecting weak activity in the creation of new brands, even in times of crisis and deep cuts in R & D. Investment in these chapters and opportunities of getting out of the ditch are clipped in this way.

Galicia, Andalucia, Valencia and the Canary Islands have more ap applications than the Basque Country, putting Madrid and Catalonia in the head nationwide with 23% and 19% of the requests respectively.

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