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The challenge of starting.

Being an entrepreneur and starting a new company is always a challenge. Developing a different product, making it work, producing it properly, selling it and starting out requires time, effort and money. But when you are starting a business, you cannot always devote enough attention to the investment and development of a new brand, priority as it may be. There simply isn’t time for so much.

A good business starts with a good name

Creating a good name is one of the most difficult things in marketing. It is a business’s milestone and it means a lot to its image, its reputation, its audience, its workers, its investors and its project. It is the heart of your brand, and it must lead its success, sales and the human team, all that at first try. It has to be correctly done from the very beginning, as changing it later may be complex, apart from expensive. In your hard beginnings, Nombra may help your brand develop, be different and unique, and make your business grow. The name may mean a lot to your new brand and its beginning. It will have to overcome strategic, legal, domain and linguistic problems, and those related to communication you will face later. Knowing in advance helps.

Having someone by your side in this critical process from the start is ideal.

Put your company in good hands from the start.

Later may already be too late. Nombra can advise you and help you make your beginning better, more effective and profitable:

• Start ups
• Business and companies
• Stores and licenses
• SMEs
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