Nombra. Specialized in creating names

The managers of the company are Francesc Arquimbau (Founding Partner and Manager) and Víctor Mirabet (Nombra’s Associate Manager and Coleman’s Chief Executive). They have been creating names for seventeen years and founded Nombra six years ago. They feel at ease in a world that has 2.5 million registered names in use, but only 300,000 words in the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy.

The name is a brand’s most seen, read and heard message. It is the brand itself and its main expression.

Nombra’s activity has been very successful, with registered expressions such as Estrella Damm Daura, Danone Densia, Winston Redvolution, Bimbo Pan de Horno Tierno, Sfera, La Piara Bocadelia, Repsol Red Sprint, Vocento, Affinity or Unno.

Mirabet, Esade graduate from Barcelona and quadrilingual (Spanish and Catalan as mother tongues, German and English as foreign languages), comments that in order to find an adequate name, it is necessary to know the client’s needs, use the adequate methodology, have creative skills and carry out the validation before the launch.

The name is unchangeable and cannot be badly chosen, for not only your own brand is at stake, but also your reputation.

What do you think of Unnim as a name for the new Catalan savings bank? His answer is concise: “The challenge was not easy, due to the current situation of savings in Spain and because it is a merger of four. It is certainly a respectable challenge”.

Nombra’s clients portfolio includes companies as prominent as Telefónica, Nestlé, Caja Madrid, Codorniu, Altadis, El Corte Inglés, Orizonia, Gas Natural, Renault, Avanzit, Bacardi and Diageo.

Exeo, a name for Seat

“Seat was looking for a brand for a new car to enter the sector of sedans. The name had to be international and differentiating, as well as reflect a new era in the company, but without abandoning Seat’s characteristic Mediterranean origin. Twenty experts created 3000 names, and there were legal filterings and linguistic controls in eight languages. 8 names remained and, in order to choose the winner, a test with exclusive methodology was carried out among 48 consumers in Spain, the UK, Italy, France and Germany. The winner was Exeo (meaning go beyond in Latin), perceived as a modern, universal and ground-breaking name.

Nombra’s founders were pioneers in Spain in “naming”, or specialization in creating new brands at an international level. The process started in the 80s in the USA, England and France. Arquimbau and Mirabet created their first consultancy back in the year 1992.

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